Hey there, i'm lindsey aka your dietitian friend

no fads, no guilt, no shame ~ no fads

no fads, no guilt, no shame ~ no fads, no guilt, no shame ~ no fads, no guilt, no shame ~ no fads, no guilt, no shame ~  no shame

Lindsey hudsmith, rdn

wtf is a rdn?

RDN stands for Registered Dietitan Nutritionist. To become an RDN, I…

Hold a degree in Nutrition

Completed a 1 year ‘dietetic internship’

Passed a board exam

Keep up with continuing education 

So besides confirming that I’m a book nerd and love research, what does this mean for you?

It means that not only do I have formal training in nutrition, I have the experience to back up my recommnedations. Unlike other professionals who may be able to give you blanket advice, you can trust that any suggestions I give you are backed by experience and expertise.

it all started with a love for food

I became a dietitan for two reasons: my love of food and my love of people. So much of the noise we hear about food is negative or simply not true. 

As a dietitian, I love nothing more than helping my clients make lasting changes and shift their perspective. 

fast facts about me

I am passionate about animals and love to rescue dogs.

I enjoy pottery and other crafts — even if I don’t always excel at them.

My favorite food is gyoza dumplings!

Food connects and unites us

Something I love about food is the connection it creates across the globe. Take filled bread for example. It’s an empanada in Argentina, a bao bun in China, a ravioli in Italy, and a Hot Pocket in America (just kidding)! 

Despite our diverse cultures, food is a language we all speak. 

While I mostly cover nutrition, you’ll also find stories of my adventures abroad exploring cultures and cuisines. 

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