20 Things in a Dietitian’s Pantry

Feeling overwhelmed by grocery shopping and creating healthy meals? Stock your pantry with these staples to guide you in the right direction!

Keeping your pantry well-stocked is a great way to ensure you can always make a healthy meal. It saves you money, time, and stress. A well-stocked pantry can also prevent some unintentional food delivery from happening.

From my pantry staples, you can always make a healthy pasta dish, a rice bowl, a hearty trail mix, and even chocolate chip cookies.

When paired with a decent sized spice rack and some freezer staples, you can make any cuisine with minimum effort. It just takes some kitchen creativity.

So you’re wondering…what does a dietitian keep in her pantry? Nothing weird here! There are no expensive organics, no specialty items, and no foods you can’t pronounce.

Lindsey’s Pantry Staples:

  1. Beans (all kinds!)

  2. Diced tomatoes

  3. Rice (all kinds!)

  4. Popcorn kernels

  5. Pasta 

  6. Flour (wheat & white)

  7. Salsa

  8. Oats

  9. Nuts and Seeds

  10. Dried fruit

  11. Pasta sauces

  12. Wheat crackers

  13. Tea & coffee

  14. Olive oil

  15. Vegetable or sunflower oil

  16. Breakfast bars

  17. Tortilla chips

  18. Boxed almond milk

  19. Backup condiments (mayo, mustard, jams, etc)

  20. Chocolate chips

Some Notes…

  • Beans

    • Black beans, mixed beans, white beans, and more. I don’t have patience for dried beans so all of these are canned.

  • Rice

    • White, sticky, brown, arborio, you name it! Rice can be a great side dish or base for any meal. Get yourself a rice cooker – set and forget!

  • Popcorn

    • It’s a whole grain. Pop it yourself on the stove with some olive oil, salt and pepper, and you’ve got yourself a healthy snack.

  • Wheat crackers

    • I recommend plain Triscuits because they have the fewest ingredients.

  • Boxed almond milk

    • I prefer cow’s milk. It has better flavor and a better nutrition profile. However, when I don’t have milk in the fridge and need it for a recipe, it’s a luxury to be able to go to the pantry for a milk substitute. It has saved many of my recipes!

There you have it. Try keeping your pantry well-stocked and see how it can change the way you cook and eat.

If you makeover your pantry after reading this, be sure to tag me on IG @LindsYourDietitianFriend!

In Good Health,

Lindsey Hudsmith, RDN

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