Make Your Desk a Wellness Sanctuary Pt. 2

Pt 2: Inside Your Desk

If you missed Part 1: Make Your Office a Wellness Sanctuary, go check that out too! It covers your desktop and your office surroundings.

Part 2 covers what to keep handy in your desk to live well at work!

Pens and Post-its are important but, you should keep these in your desk too…


Keep these wellness boosters at your desk to shorten your morning routine at home! Try your best to take daily, but if you’re eating a well-balanced diet, it should be no problem to skip a few days or take them irregularly.

PS…As a dietitian, I firmly believe in food. Outside of a general multivitamin, I almost never recommend other supplements.


Moisturized hands are happy hands. Preventing cracked hands is good for overall appearance and health. No one wants to shake a dry cracked hand before a business meeting. I find it distracting when my hands are dry so I always have this around. Same for my lips! Chapstick is a must.


When it comes to snacks, I’m a believer in keeping them around. Trust yourself! Keeping some healthy snacks like almonds or granola in your desk is much better than having hunger strike and the only thing around is the stale doughnuts in the breakroom.

Great Desk Snacks:

  • Dried apricots
  • Flavored almonds
  • Nut & seed mixes
  • Fruits: apple, banana, orange
  • Dried chickpea snacks
  • Mini KIND bars


Keep supplies for headaches, cramps, diarrhea, gas or other symptom relief. Consider having enough on hand for you and some extra to lend to a friend in case company lunch went awry.

It feels good to save the day when your friend gets a headache!

Honorable mention in this category: Hand Sanitizer. It’s not ‘medicine’ but can often prevent us needing medicine. Wash your hands often, and use sanitizer when you aren’t near a sink!


Hair tie, bandaids, nail file, flavored waters packets, a sweet snack, phone charger….anything you need to make you feel positive, satisfied, and ready to work to your highest potential!

What do you like to keep at work to promote wellness?

In Good Health,

Lindsey Hudsmith, RDN

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