Make Your Office a Wellness Sanctuary Pt. 1

Pt 1: Desktop

Take wellness into your own hands and turn your desk or office space upside down with these 5 desktop solutions.

Many of us (unfortunately) spend 40+ hours sitting at our desks. If you’re spending all that time in a harsh and stuffy environment, it’s no wonder you’re so ready to make the commute home!

There is NO reason you can’t feel great about being at your desk. Together we can make some fun and simple changes to help you feel well at work.


Clutter can overstimulate our brains – it competes for our brain’s attention. We may not actively be looking at these things, but our brain is. Did you know that you are always looking at your nose? We don’t usually notice it because our brain helps us to focus on our other surroundings.

This same thing happens with clutter. A clear mind needs a physically clear space. If you are not actively using it – put it away!

Try these metal wire bins for your shelf or acrylic organizers for your drawers. Chances are that your office manager (or whoever buys the office supplies) would be happy to purchase one or two of these if you just ask!

I speak from experience when I admit clutter gets the best of my performance. When I have work I am trying to avoid, I usually end up cleaning my house or my desk. Keep your desk clean and you’ll have no choice but to focus on the task at hand.


A little color goes a long way. Color psychology is broad and fascinating but here are some highlights…

  • Blue promotes communication and efficiency… Try a blue planner or calendar!
  • Yellow boosts confidence and positivity…Try using a yellow mouse pad!
  • Green stimulates creativity and calm… Try a low maintenance plant! Sansevieria, also known as a snake plant, is super adaptable to low/no light or lots of light. It will help clean your air too…Geeze what a people pleaser!

Note: Avoid red. It attracts too much attention and can even raise blood pressure because, as in nature, it typically signals danger!


Even if you have a window in your office, you may be surprised to see how much a desk lamp may benefit you! Less squinting, fewer headaches, and an overall warmer environment.

If you don’t have a window, definitely consider a happy lamp to boost your mood and productivity.


Always keep a reusable bottle of water at your desk. The more you see the water the more you will drink! Plus…frequent bathroom breaks are a great excuse to pause the brain and activate your lower body.

Swell has super cute patterns for a more stylish thirst-quencher.


Although flu season doesn’t last forever, it’s good to minimize germs all year long. Be aware of the products used to clean your desk. Some smells left behind by cleaning products may be a distraction to work or can even cause.

Don’t forget to clean your keyboard and mouse. I recommend weekly, but bi-weekly is a more realistic goal.

What do you do to make your desk a space that promotes wellness?

Check out Part 2 of Office Wellness Sanctuaries: Inside the Desk!

In Good Health,

Lindsey Hudsmith, RDN

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